Nielsen Park Conservation Management Plan

Nielsen Park is a 20-hectare waterfront reserve in Vaucluse, a harbourside suburb of Sydney, that was incorporated into Sydney Harbour National Park in 1968. The park has regional and local significance because of its rich and diverse cultural, social, aesthetic and natural values. These values include Aboriginal sites, remnant bush, and a range of buildings and structures including the Victorian gothic villa, Greycliffe House.

1 March 2013
Office of Environment and Heritage
Publication, Conservation management plan
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This conservation management plan (CMP) identifies significance and guides the conservation, use, interpretation and management of Nielsen Park to ensure that the heritage values of the place are maintained and, where appropriate, enhanced. The CMP will guide future management of the site in consideration of its heritage resources by:

  • identifying the site's cultural heritage resources
  • assessing the value of those resources
  • developing policies for conservation, interpretation, management and future use of the site
  • providing an understanding of the conservation management processes for the site's stakeholders.

Visitor information

Nielsen Park is located in Sydney Harbour National Park at Vaucluse in Sydney's eastern suburbs.