Nocoleche Nature Reserve Plan of Management

Nocoleche Nature Reserve is 20 kilometres south of Wanaaring in north-western NSW. The reserve is 74,728 hectares and straddles the Paroo River, including the floodplains and channels of the Paroo River and Cuttaburra and Kulkyne Creeks. The reserve’s land systems include sandplains, dissected low stony tablelands and river and channel country.

1 January 2000
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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Although the floodplains of the Paroo and Warrego Rivers in this arid region arguably constitute the largest wetland areas in New South Wales, they are not well-represented in the national parks reserve system. Nocoleche contains wetlands filled by local rainfall, floodplains and permanent waterholes of the Paroo River.

The reserve has a significant diversity of wetlands which provide habitat for a wide range of aquatic animals and plants, including a number of plant and animal species that are endangered, vulnerable or of conservation concern at national, state or regional level. As a nature reserve it is a valuable area for scientific research on permanent and ephemeral wetlands and on plants and animals dependent on river flows throughout the catchments.

Nocoleche also contains many Aboriginal sites which indicate the importance of the river and wetlands as a vital resource to Aborigines before European settlement.

Photo: Nocoleche Nature Reserve / Joel Winter/OEH