NSW long term water plans: Background information

A description of the development of the 9 long term water plans in NSW

This document will help support future development of the long term water plans and describes the sources of the complex information brought together in the plans, how the information was interpreted and analysed and the rationale behind this.

20 February 2023
Department of Planning and Environment
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The background information document has been divided into 4 parts (10 chapters) for ease of use:

Part A: Introduction (select 'Download' button above)

  1. Background to the development of NSW Long Term Water Plans
  2. Priority environmental assets

Part B: Objectives and targets (PDF 1.9MB)

  1. Introduction to Part B
  2. Native fish objectives and targets
  3. Native vegetation objectives and targets
  4. Waterbird objectives and targets
  5. Priority ecosystem functions objectives and targets
  6. Frogs and other species objectives and targets

Part C: Environmental water requirements (PDF 1.9MB)

  1. Introduction to Part C
  2. Developing environmental water requirements

Part D: Appendices (PDF 6.7MB)


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