NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Brand Guidelines

Version 4, January 2016

These guidelines are an outcome of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) brand strategy, which was delivered and approved in early 2010. The guidelines are a mandatory standard to be used in all promotional material.

1 January 2016
Office of Environment and Heritage
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NPWS needed to refresh its brand and engage with consumers, based on research that showed their little understanding of the parks brand and what it stood for. Even though many people love and visit our parks, few really know much about our values and role. We also need to entice a younger generation who has so many options with their leisure time other than visit national parks.

Marketing collateral is one of the key expressions of a brand. Every brochure, flyer, banner or merchandise piece we produce is saying something about us.

We need to be consistent in our style and message; otherwise we confuse our visitors and weaken the NPWS brand.

The brand guidelines’ objectives are to ensure consistency across the organisation and assist in the use of the NPWS brand. We have included the following:

  • Appropriate use of the brand logo and brand assets
  • Photographic style
  • Copy tone and manner
  • Collateral guidelines and examples