Pipe organ conservation and maintenance guide

Pipe organs are a unique and very significant part of the heritage of Australia and the country is well known internationally for its extensive collection of these instruments. The Pipe Organ Conservation and Maintenance Guide is designed for owners, users and conservators of pipe organs.

1 September 1998
Heritage Office
Heritage publications, Maintenance series, Publication
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The organ is a very specialised heritage item - primarily a musical instrument but also part-machine, part-decorative furniture and part of the form of a building. The detailed conservation of organs cannot be guided exclusively by the general conservation charter for heritage items in Australia, the ICOMOS Burra Charter, which addresses places (see Further Reading). The present guide is linked to the fundamental principles of the general heritage guidelines but adapts these principles to the unique circumstances of the organ. Unlike the earlier version, however, it seeks to achieve greater conformity with universal heritage principles by linking more closely the general heritage guidelines with the specific and long-practised principles of organ conservation.