Reforming the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage System in NSW: Draft Recommendations to the NSW Government

A discussion paper developed by the independent Aboriginal Culture and Heritage Reform Working Party

The draft recommendations in this paper were developed as part of the review process of Aboriginal cultural heritage legislation in NSW.

1 September 2013
Office of Environment and Heritage
  • ISBN 978-1-74293-898-1
  • ID OEH20130139
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  • Pages 53
  • Name reforming-aboriginal-cultural-heritage-system-draft-recommendations-to-NSW-government-20130139.pdf

The Aboriginal Culture and Heritage Reform Working Party (the Working Party) was formed by the NSW Government in 2011 to oversee a process to bring together ideas from the Aboriginal communities of New South Wales and other interested parties to reform the Aboriginal cultural heritage (ACH) system in New South Wales.

This discussion paper outlines the draft set of 23 recommendations developed after the Working Party reviewed approaches in other jurisdictions, considered comments received through phases 1 and 2 of the public consultation process for ACH legislative reform, and assessed what was then the existing regulatory framework.

These recommendations, and the NSW Government's response to these recommendations, formed the basis for phase 3 of the ACH legislative reform public consultation held in 2013–14.

Our Aboriginal cultural heritage legislation webpage provides more information about the reform process and the current proposed new system for managing and conserving Aboriginal cultural heritage in New South Wales.