Regent Honeyeater: On the Edge

A Woodland Birds of the Hunter Project - Teacher Resource

This resource is for teachers to use with senior high school students when teaching about how threatened species are monitored and managed.

1 April 2020
Department of Industry, Planning and Environment
  • ISBN 978-1-922318-25-1
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  • Pages 46
  • Name regent-honeyeater-on-the-edge-teacher-resource-200039.pdf

Threatened species include plants and animals that are endangered and at risk of extinction in the near future. The regent honeyeater is a critically endangered Australian bird, with 350 to 400 adults estimated to survive in the wild.

Using the regent honeyeater as a case study, this project looks at the biodiversity of the Hunter Region. Combined with geographic information system mapping, students will learn how to interpret visual data and examine ecological issues relevant to the protection and management of ecosystems.

This resource is linked to science stage 6 subjects for the year 11 and 12 syllabus for New South Wales schools, which incorporates the Australian Curriculum.

This teacher resource is accompanied by the Regent Honeyeater on the Edge – Student Workbook.