Regional Pest Management Strategy 2012-2017: Lower North Coast Region

This document is the pest management strategy for the Lower North Coast region. The area includes the Hunter, Hastings and Manning valleys and extends from Stockton to Port Macquarie and inland to the Great Dividing Range.

1 August 2013
Office of Environment and Heritage
Publication, Pest management strategy
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The Lower North Coast pest management strategy focuses on minimising the impact of pest species on biodiversity and neighbouring landholders.

This document

  • identifies key reserve assets, endangered species, pest threats and control methods
  • explains the process for prioritising specific pest management programs
  • advocates working with key stakeholders, including landowners and other land management agencies.

Priority animal pests are identified as the wild dog, European red fox, European rabbit, feral horse, cat, goat, pig and deer. Asparagus weed, bitou bush, lantana, Morning glory and Scotch broom are named as some of the weed pests.

The strategy lists several endangered ecological communities in the region, including wetland and rainforest areas and outlines successful pest management programs, such as the control of bitou bush in the Great Lakes area, the fox abatement plan and the rainforest restoration program in the Manning valley.