Regional Pest Management Strategy 2012-2017: Metro North East Region

This document is the pest management strategy for the Metro North East Region which covers the part of Sydney that lies between Botany Bay in the north and Wolli Creek in the south, Broken Bay in the north-east, and Wisemans Ferry in the north-west.

1 August 2013
Office of Environment and Heritage
Publication, Pest management strategy
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The Metro North East Region strategy:

  • identifies key threatened species and endangered ecological communities, such as the swamp-wallaby and Blue Gum High Forest in the Dalrymple-Hay Nature Reserve
  • identifies pest animals and weeds commonly found in the region and lists control methods
  • provides a framework to prioritise specific pest management programs.

The pest programs of this region are prioritised according to their impact on biodiversity, cultural heritage, and recreational and landscape amenity.

The strategy highlights several key features of the Metro North East region:

  • the location of its reserves in, or immediately adjacent to, the urban centre of Sydney, which means that traditional control techniques cannot always be used
  • the frequency of bushfire and hazard reduction burning
  • the high level of community engagement and participation in Bushcare initiatives

The document discusses successful pest management programs, including the fox control program, and explains how these programs have allowed populations native species to increase.