Regional Pest Management Strategy 2012-2017: Metro South West Region

This document is the pest management strategy for the Metro South West Region which lies to the south and west of the Sydney business district.

1 August 2013
Office of Environment and Heritage
Publication, Pest management strategy
  • ISBN 978-1-74293-622-2
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The Metro South West strategy aims to minimise the impacts of pest animals and weeds on biodiversity, protected areas and the community. The document identifies common pests in the region, threats they pose to native species and endangered ecological communities, and preferred control methods.

This strategy prioritises specific pest management programs for:

  • controlling cane toads at Taren Point to prevent infestation of Towra Point Nature Reserve
  • reducing deer herbivory in Royal National Park
  • protecting water storages for the populations of Sydney and Blue Mountains
  • controlling wild dogs in the Nattai Reserves
  • removing bitou bush in coastal reserves
  • limiting African olive invasion of Cumberland Plain Woodland.

Because the region is located close to the urban centre of Sydney, pest management considers both conservation values and the health and well-being of the many visitors that visit to the area’s reserves.