Rehabilitation Guidelines for the Resort Areas of Kosciuszko National Park

These guidelines have been prepared to assist land managers, their staff and contractors in the ski resort areas of Kosciuszko National Park to plan and undertake rehabilitation of disturbed sites.

1 August 2007
Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW
  • ISBN 978-1-74232-037-3
  • ID DECC20070596
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  • Pages 168
  • Name rehabilitation-guidelines-resort-areas-kosciuszko-national-park-070596.pdf

Rehabilitation Guidelines for the Resort Areas of Kosciuszko National Park have been prepared with the involvement of ski resort operators.

The  guidelines provide technical advice on how to plan and implement rehabilitation works. The guidelines are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure they reflect up-to-date best practice.

The guidelines have been developed to meet the particular needs of ski resort managers. As a result, they focus on the characteristics and requirements of the resort areas of Thredbo, the Perisher Range Resorts (Perisher, Smiggin Holes and Guthega), Charlotte Pass and Mount Selwyn. The guidelines would also be useful to other land managers working in the montane, subalpine and/or alpine zones of Kosciuszko National Park and the Australian Alps (for example, Country Energy, Telstra, Snowy Hydro and government authorities).

Appendices 1-19:

  1. Schedule of contents, intended users and review of guideline (PDF 37KB)
  2. Proforma and example: site assessment (PDF 234KB)
  3. Proforma and example: rehabilitation plan (PDF 917KB)
  4. Rehabilitation of ski runs (PDF 986KB)
  5. Use of sterile rye corn (PDF 305KB)
  6. Rehabilitation in the resort villages (PDF 4.48MB)
  7. Walking track rehabilitation (PDF 3MB)
  8. Alpine nursery operation (PDF 20KB)
  9. Rehabilitation species list: Perisher Range Resorts (PDF 25KB)
  10. Rehabilitation species list: Thredbo and Bullocks Flat (PDF 21KB)
  11. Rehabilitation species list: Mt Selwyn (PDF 21KB)
  12. Weeds of the Kosciuszko Region (PDF 902KB)
  13. Simple soil testing procedures (PDF 47KB)
  14. Rehabilitation in asset protection zones (PDF 27KB)
  15. Basic propagation methods (PDF 187KB)
  16. Checklist for quality control of tubestock (PDF 27KB)
  17. Monitoring technique: photo points (PDF 19KB)
  18. Monitoring technique: landscape function analysis (PDF 24KB)
  19. Recommended resources (PDF 34KB)