A Resource Guide for Local Councils: Erosion and sediment control

This guide provides recommendations and resources to support councils in developing and maintaining effective approaches to control and prevent soil erosion and sediment pollution.

1 May 2006
Department of Environment and Conservation
  • ISBN 1-74137-8117
  • ID DEC20060042
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  • Pages 101
  • Name resource-guide-local-coucils-erosion-sediment-control-0642.pdf

Land disturbance associated with the construction, installation and/or maintenance of buildings, roads, sewerage or other infrastructure creates the potential for increased soil erosion and consequent sediment pollution of waterways. Reducing these impacts requires awareness and a coordinated approach.

This guide looks at how local councils can develop, adopt and maintain a consistent and rigorous approach to erosion and sediment control across their areas of operations. It is not a ‘how to’ guide, but rather a collection of recommendations and resources that can be used by council officers who are striving to develop an integrated and effective approach to erosion and sediment control.

More information is available in Managing Urban Stormwater: Soils and construction Volume 1, 4th edition (commonly known as the Blue Book), which is the definitive resource for the design and construction of erosion and sediment control measures.