Risk-based Framework for Considering Waterway Health Outcomes in Strategic Land-use Planning Decisions

This framework presents a structured approach that decision-makers, such as councils and environmental regulators, can use to help manage the impact of land-use activities on the health of waterways in New South Wales.

8 May 2017
Office of Environment and Heritage and the Environment Protection Authority
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A healthy waterway provides essential services and functions to support environmental, social and economic outcomes, including more liveable cities and healthy, resilient communities. 

This framework brings together existing principles and guidelines recommended in the National Water Quality Management Strategy, which the federal and all state and territory governments have adopted for managing water quality. It allows decision-makers to determine management responses that meet waterway health outcomes and reflect the community’s environmental values and uses of waterways.

Management responses could include specific development controls for stormwater management, informing license limits for waterway discharges, or programs that raise awareness of land use activities that protect and enhance the health of rivers and creeks. Where appropriate, management responses can be implemented through regional and local planning instruments, environmental regulation, integrated water cycle management plans, coastal management programs required under the Coastal Management Act 2016 or other catchment management plans for restoring and protecting the health of waterways.

The framework can support decision-making by authorities responsible for the management of land and waterways.

A dataset to support the implementation of the Risk-based Framework is available on the SEED data portal. The dataset represents a first-pass risk assessment to help identify priorities for management actions or future studies on the effects of land use activities on the health of estuaries in NSW. The dataset is accompanied by the report NSW Estuary Health Risk Dataset.

Applying the Risk-based Framework to improve stormwater management in Wianamatta-South Creek