RiverBank Water Use Plan for the Gwydir Water Management Area

This Plan relates to the Gwydir Regulated River Water Source as defined in the Water Sharing Plan for the Gwydir Regulated River Water Source 2002 and additional areas known as the Lower Gwydir River and Gingham Watercourse, distributaries of the Gwydir River Water Source.

1 November 2007
Plan, Publication
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This Plan authorises the use of water for environmental purposes that:

  • contribute to maintaining the ecological character of the Gwydir Wetlands including the Ramsar sites associated with the Gingham and Lower Gwydir (Big Leather) Watercourses,
  • contribute to the successful completion of colonial waterbird breeding in the Gwydir Wetlands,
  • alleviate severe unnaturally prolonged drought conditions in the Gwydir Wetlands,
  • enhance opportunities for native fish recruitment and dispersal in the Gwydir River, its distributaries and the Gwydir Wetlands,
  • increase flooding frequencies to small wetlands isolated by current floodplain structures, such as Whittaker’s Lagoon,
  • achieve other ecological benefits as recommended by the Environmental Contingency Allowance Operations Advisory Committee established under Part 3, Clause 15, sub-clauses (g) and (h) of the Water Sharing Plan for the Gwydir Regulated Rivers Water Source 2002.