RiverBank Water Use Plan for the Lachlan Water Management Area

This plan relates to the Lachlan Regulated River Water Source as defined in the Water Sharing Plan for the Lachlan Regulated River Water Source 2003, and the Merrowie Creek and Torriganny, Muggabah and Merrimajeel Creeks Trust Districts.

1 April 2007
Plan, Publication
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This Plan authorises the use of water for environmental purposes that:

  • enhance opportunities for threatened and other native fish and waterbird recruitment in the Lachlan Regulated River Water Source,
  • enhance river and wetland habitat for water dependent biota in the Lachlan Regulated River Water Source,
  • maintain the ecological character of Murrumbidgil Swamp on Merrimajeel Creek,
  • restore a near-natural wetting pattern to Ita Lake,
  • provide for ecologically beneficial flooding of the Merrowie, Torriganny, Muggabah and Merrimajeel effluent creek systems by enhancing annual replenishment flows as established under Part 12, Clause 60, sub-clause 1(c),
  • provide for ecologically beneficial flows in the Lachlan River channel below Booligal Weir, and/or
  • contribute to maintaining the ecological character of the Great Cumbung Swamp.