Royal National Park, Heathcote National Park and Garawarra State Conservation Area Mountain Biking Plan

This mountain biking plan will guide the establishment of environmentally sustainable mountain-biking experiences in these parks. It will progressively address the demand for cycling experiences in these parks through the authorisation and upgrade of appropriate tracks and the closure and rehabilitation of inappropriate tracks.

26 May 2023
Department of Planning and Environment
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We are committed to implementing the plan, to provide sustainable mountain biking opportunities in the parks, while at the same time ensuring the protection of park values. Implementation of the proposed mountain bike network will be prioritised and staged. All tracks will require environmental assessment, and may require works, before they are added to the network. We will continue to close tracks that are not part of the proposed network. We will establish a mountain bike user group to work with us during implementation of the plan.

This plan should be read in conjunction with the Royal National Park, Heathcote National Park and Garrawarra State Conservation Area Plan Management (2022).