Scheyville National Park Conservation Management Plan

Scheyville National Park is located in the Hawkesbury region, about 50 kilometres north west of Sydney. The park has a rich Aboriginal history, with colonial occupation increasing agricultural use of the area from the 1800s.

1 March 2009
Department of Environment and Climate Change
Publication, Conservation management plan
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Scheyville National Park Camp Precinct, Cumberland Plain WoodlandScheyville is an exceptional example of a layered cultural landscape with evidence of different uses from the early decades of the colony to the present day. Scheyville has retained its rural setting and this has contributed to the preservation of an outstanding heritage landscape of state significance, with a high degree of legibility.

Scheyville demonstrates a long series of initiatives related to key government policies that have responded to the changing national and international environment, and had a major historical impact on Australian concepts of nationhood. Each phase of occupation at Scheyville has left a physical mark on the landscape and many of the recent phases of the history are richly evocative and resonate with themes and stories of direct relevance to contemporary history and debate in Australia. These include themes of rural life, immigration, military recruitment and training.

The aim of this conservation management plan (CMP) is to provide:

  • a synthesis of the history of Scheyville National Park
  • a statement of significance for the park
  • policy direction for park management in relation to the historic heritage within the park
  • an implementation schedule outlining ongoing, immediate, medium and short term actions
  • maintenance schedules for the buildings.

The desired outcomes of the CMP are to:

  • support the long-term conservation of the study area within Scheyville National Park
  • support the long-term management focus of the Scheyville Historic Precinct(s) as a cultural and educational tourism destination
  • support and enhance the long-term association between former occupants of Scheyville (and their families) and the Scheyville Historic Precinct
  • achieve management policies which result in a sustainable landscape in terms of the conservation of both cultural heritage and bio-diversity
  • inform the revision of the Plan of Management for Scheyville National Park
  • ensure best-practice management of cultural heritage values.

Visitor information

Scheyville Camp Precinct preserves the area’s heritage. Visitors can take an easy walk through restored buildings, learning about the past through interpretive signs.

Photo: Scheyville National Park / P Hardey/OEH