Sea Acres Nature Reserve Plan of Management

Sea Acres Nature Reserve became a national park in 2016. The national park contains significant geological features and protects an outstanding remnant of the original native plant and animal communities once found along much of the mid-north coast of NSW.

1 September 1995
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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The littoral rainforest which covers a significant area of the reserve is one of the largest and least modified remnants of littoral rainforest in New South Wales. Its species diversity is nearly double that of other coastal rainforest sites surveyed in the area.

The location of the national park within a high growth centre and popular tourist destination, and its proximity to other rainforest areas including those of World Heritage status, led to its being chosen as one of three rainforest education centres run by the National Parks and Wildlife Service in NSW to promote the understanding and appreciation of rainforests. A Rainforest Centre and associated 1.25 km boardwalk were constructed in the park by the Service in the late 1980s. The centre includes an interpretive display, classroom and cafe/restaurant.

Under this plan of management the Rainforest Centre will continue to provide opportunities for visitors to see and understand the rainforest. The boardwalk will be extended and a lookout will be constructed with views over the rainforest canopy and out to sea. Shelters will also be placed over the stopping areas on the boardwalk.


This amendment should be read in conjunction with the Sea Acres Nature Reserve Plan of Management (1995).

Amendment to Sea Acres Nature Reserve Plan of Management (2006)

This amendment provides for the full investigation and possible extension of a walking track in Sea Acres Nature Reserve. The extension of this section of track within the nature reserve will provide for the coastal walking track from Town Beach to Lighthouse Beach (located on both DEC lands and Hastings Council lands) to be completed.

Photo: Sea Acres National Park / R Cleary Seen Australia/OEH