Sherwood Nature Reserve Plan of Management

Sherwood Nature Reserve is located approximately 40 kilometres south-east of Grafton in northern NSW and encompasses 5,904 hectares.

1 March 2009
Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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Sherwood Nature Reserve is part of a regionally important system of protected areas and conserves plant species and communities representative of the Kangaroo Creek sandstone geology as well as a regionally significant sub-tropical rainforest remnant and locally significant old growth forest. There are 32 plant species of conservation significance recorded in the reserve, including 11 species listed under the Threatened Species Conservation Act. The varied vegetation communities support a diverse range of resident vertebrate fauna, and provides important seasonal habitat for a number of nomadic and migratory species. More than 50 species of conservation significance are recorded or predicted to occur in the reserve.

Apart from numerous cultural sites and stories relating to ceremonial complexes, an Aboriginal Place known as Miimiga Gaungan is located within the southern portion of the reserve. The Aboriginal Place holds spiritual significance to the Gumbaynggir women and will be managed in conjunction with local Aboriginal custodians.

Photo: Sherwood Nature Reserve / L Rees/OEH