Snake Rock Aboriginal Area Plan of Management

Snake Rock Aboriginal Area is a small park of 61 hectares. It is located west of Peak Hill on the semi-arid plains of central west New South Wales in Wiradjuri Country.

1 December 2016
Office of Environment and Heritage
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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The park is significant to Wiradjuri People and managed jointly between the Peak Hill–Bogan River Aboriginal Advisory Committee and the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) under a memorandum of understanding. It derives its name from the Aboriginal artwork depicting a snake or river on the massive sandstone rock formation that dominates the park. The park protects other Aboriginal heritage sites and regionally significant vegetation in what is otherwise a cleared agricultural landscape.

This plan of management was prepared in consultation with the Peak Hill–Bogan River Aboriginal Advisory Committee and represents an important achievement in the ongoing relationship between NPWS and the local Aboriginal community. A draft version of the plan was placed on exhibition from 12 June to 25 September 2015.

The plan contains a range of actions to protect the natural and cultural values of the park, including actions to support the local Aboriginal community in connecting to Country and actions to protect and improve the habitat of native plants and animals, including threatened species.

The plan also allows for low key recreation but, in order to provide adequate protection for this Aboriginal area, the plan puts in place a management approach which only allows people to visit the park with permission from the Peak Hill–Bogan River Aboriginal Advisory Committee and NPWS.