State of the Beaches 2011-2012

The water quality of beaches and other swimming locations is monitored under the NSW Government’s Beachwatch programs to provide the community with accurate information on the cleanliness of the water and to enable individuals to make informed decisions about where and when to swim.

1 October 2012
Office of Environment and Heritage
Publication, Annual report
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Beach monitoring, sanitary inspections and managing beach pollution (PDF 1MB)

Central Coast region report (PDF 4.8MB)

Far North Coast and North Coast regions report (PDF 4.7MB)

Hunter region report (PDF 4.8MB)

Sydney region report (PDF 10.1MB)

Illawarra and South Coast regions report (PDF 6.5MB)

Results for the Central Coast region (PDF 1.3MB)

Results for the Far North Coast region (PDF 788KB)

Results for the Hunter region (PDF 1.2MB)

Results for the Illawarra region (PDF 723KB)

Results for the North Coast region (PDF 411KB)

Results for the South Coast region (PDF 1MB)

Results for the Sydney Estuarine beaches (PDF 1.7MB)

Results for the Sydney ocean beaches (PDF 1.2MB)

Quality assurance program (PDF 77KB)

References (PDF 106KB)