Monitoring, evaluating and reporting program technical report series

State of the catchments 2010

This series of technical reports and associated protocols provide the scientific basis for analyses and reporting conducted in the 2010 state of the catchments reports.

Freshwater wetland coastal floodplain.
2 March 2012
Office of Environment and Heritage

These technical reports detail methods used to collect, analyse and evaluate data in the 2010 State of the catchments reports under the NSW Natural Resources Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting Program.

The state of the catchment reports cover 13 natural resource targets recommended by the Natural Resources Commission in 2005 and adopted by the NSW Government in 2006.

The NSW Natural Resources Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting Strategy 2010–2015 and Program supports continuous improvement in policy and investment decision-making, and tracks progress against the statewide resource condition targets set by the Natural Resources Commission in 2005. The program reported on resource condition in 2010 through state of the catchments reports, which provide baseline data against which data from future years can be compared.

Estuaries and coastal lakes

Assessing the condition of estuaries and coastal lake ecosystems in NSW

Land managed within capability

Assessing land management within capability in NSW

Native vegetation

Assessing the extent and condition of native vegetation in NSW

Native fauna

Assessing the sustainability of native fauna in NSW

Natural resources

Assessing the capacity to manage natural resources in NSW

Soil condition

Assessing the condition of soils in New South Wales

Protocols for soil condition and land capability monitoring

Threatened species

Assessing the recovery of threatened species, populations and ecological communities in NSW


Assessing the extent and condition of wetlands in NSW: Project report.