Sydney Harbour National Park Plan of Management Amendment

Sustainable Visitor Use

The amendment to the plan of management will enable the National Parks and Wildlife Service to increase opportunities for the public to enjoy the park and enrich the visitor experience through the revitalisation of the Sydney Harbour Islands.

28 January 2022
Department of Planning and Environment
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Sydney Harbour National Park contains extraordinarily diverse and significant natural, cultural and historic heritage values and some of Sydney’s most valued sites for outdoor recreation, special events and celebrations.

The amendment will enable a more flexible approach to the management of events and visitor numbers on Clark Island, Shark Island – Boowambillee, Rodd Island and Fort Denison – Muddawahnyuh. The amendment will also enable improvements to the leasing and licencing of visitor services and will facilitate the construction of visitor and park operations facilities on Fort Denison – Muddawahnyuh.

This document should be read in conjunction with the Sydney Harbour National Park Plan of Management (2012).

First published in October 2021; reprinted January 2022 with amendments.