Threatened and significant flora of roadsides in the Windellama district

Location and conservation significance of roadside sites with few-seeded bossiaea, Michelago parrot-pea, matted bush-pea and Wolgan snow gum

This project considers the location and conservation significance of 3 threatened plant species found on roadside sites in this district.

1 February 2018
Office of Environment and Heritage
Publication, Monitoring report, Project
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The Windellama area in the NSW Southern Tablelands has one of the highest densities of threatened plant life in the state.

Three threatened plants are broadly distributed along Windellama roadsides and private property:

The Office of Environment and Heritage has been working to document the roadside occurrences of threatened flora in Windellama and to assist Goulburn Mulwaree Council to ensure that the management of civil works is sympathetic to the beautiful and rare native plants and flowers in the area. 

This work has been supported by the Windellama Landcare group and other local landholders who are keen to see the long-term survival of these special local species on the roadsides, public reserves and private lands in the community.

The rare Wolgan snow gum (Eucalyptus gregsoniana) is also located along roadsides in the area and care was taken to consider this important species.

Do you have these plants on your property?

If you think one or more of these threatened plants are growing on your private property and would like to help OEH by letting us survey this area, please contact the Saving our Species team.

The gallery below can help you identify whether the plants on your property are one of the threatened species.