Threatened biodiversity survey and assessment

Guidelines for developments and activities (2004 working draft)

As the diversity of species and their habitats may be adversely affected by developments, it is important that informed decisions regarding the impact of developments can be made.

1 November 2004
NSW Department of Environment and Conservation
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The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act) provides the framework for decision-making under the NSW planning system. Appropriate implementation of this planning system as it relates to threatened biodiversity can be facilitated by establishing guidelines for the survey and assessment of threatened animals and plants.

It is intended that the Threatened Biodiversity Survey and Assessment Guidelines (the Guidelines) be adapted to fit the requirements of individual animal and plant surveys by outlining field techniques and considerations, relevant legislation, and the relevant method of impact assessment for threatened biodiversity. The Guidelines will assist applicants, proponents, investigators and decision-makers by identifying their responsibilities, outlining relevant procedures and providing considerations for the interpretation of results.

The term ‘threatened biodiversity’ is used throughout this document and means threatened species, populations or ecological communities, or their habitats.

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