Tollingo Nature Reserve and Woggoon Nature Reserve Draft Plan of Management

Tollingo and Woggoon nature reserves are in Central West New South Wales, between 40 and 55 kilometres north-west of Condobolin and not far from the geographical centre of the state. Due to the high level of disturbance and loss of natural areas throughout the Cobar Peneplain Bioregion, the intact remnant native vegetation of these reserves is of high importance.

26 June 2020
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
Publication, Plan of management, Draft - closed for comment
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The reserves are among the largest and easternmost sand plain mallee remnants in New South Wales. Throughout its distribution, mallee has been heavily cleared and remnants are vulnerable to ongoing modification. The long unburnt, old growth mallee in Tollingo and Woggoon provides habitat for the threatened malleefowl, listed as endangered at state level and vulnerable at national level.

This draft plan of management should be read with the Tollingo Nature Reserve and Woggoon Nature Reserve Draft Planning Considerations.