Toorale National Park and Toorale State Conservation Area Plan of Management

Toorale National Park and Toorale State Conservation Area are within the Country of the Kurnu-Baakandji People at the junction of the Darling and Warrego rivers in north west NSW. Together, these parks cover 85,251 hectares and provide protection for important cultural heritage sites and unique conservation values.

26 April 2021
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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Toorale’s significant natural and cultural heritage values contribute considerably to a comprehensive, adequate and representative reserve system in New South Wales. The park’s natural values, including its landforms, plant and animal communities, have influenced how the land has been used and valued by both Aboriginal and non Aboriginal people. Natural and cultural values are closely linked.

The plan contains measures aimed at the protection of the park’s natural and cultural heritage values, as well as provision for recreational activities that complement opportunities available in the surrounding district.

This is the first plan of management for the parks and was developed in close consultation with the Toorale Kurnu Baakandji Joint Management Advisory Committee. This plan will replace the statement of management intent which was approved 1 June 2014.