Yathong Nature Reserve, Nombinnie Nature Reserve and Round Hill Nature Reserve Plan of Management

Yathong, Nombinnie and Round Hill Nature Reserves form a large, contiguous area in central NSW between Cobar and Griffith.

1 November 1996
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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The reserves comprise plain and ridge country with a variety of woodland communities and the largest continuous stand of mallee remaining in NSW. The reserves support a rich array of wildlife communities and are a major area of habitat for a number of rare and endangered plant and animal species. Yathong Nature Reserve has been formally recognised as an International Biosphere Reserve.

The habitat value of the three nature reserves will be protected and enhanced by a program of rabbit control and the regeneration of formerly cleared and grazed areas.

Other introduced species will be controlled where they pose a threat to native communities or nearby agricultural properties. Control of pest species will be facilitated by fencing or destruction of most of the ground tanks in the reserves. Wildfire will be controlled as far as is possible to reduce the frequency of fire to a pattern beneficial to the native plants and animals of the reserves.

Yathong and Round Hill Nature Reserves have been used for a large number of research projects and the reserves will continue to be available for appropriate research. An experimental program to re-introduce the endangered malleefowl to areas where it is now absent is being undertaken on Yathong Nature Reserve.

Yathong Nature Reserve is regularly visited by school groups from the district and by tertiary students. Round Hill is used for bird watching by ornithological groups.

The reserves provide a valuable opportunity for research into past Aboriginal occupation of central NSW, of which little is known. They also contain a number of homestead areas which illustrate the changing patterns of the grazing industry since first settlement of the district in the 1860's. Aboriginal and historic sites in the reserves will be protected and conservation plans will be prepared for former homesteads and shearing quarters.

The shearers quarters at Yathong homestead will continue to available for use by scientific and other visitors to the nature reserves for scientific, nature observation and educational purposes. No additional facilities will be provided.

Photo: Nombinnie Nature Reserve / Michael Todd