Yengo National Park, Parr State Conservation Area and Finchley Aboriginal Area Plan of Management

Yengo National Park, Parr State Conservation Area and Finchley Aboriginal Area cover a combined area of almost 200,000 hectares to the north of the Hawkesbury and Colo Rivers and south of the Hunter Valley.

1 January 2009
Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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Yengo National Park and Parr State Conservation Area occupy a critical place in the system of protected natural lands as they provide the only natural east-west link between the coastal and sub-coastal conservation areas in the Hawkesbury Valley/Broken Bay region and those of the Central Tablelands. In addition, Yengo National Park forms part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area which was dedicated for its rich Eucalypt diversity.

Important values of the parks include the many threatened or restricted native plant and animal communities and the large number of Aboriginal sites, with Finchley Aboriginal Area and Mt Yengo being of particular significance to Aboriginal people. Four-wheel drive vehicles are the main form of access into the parks due to the nature of the roads. Bushwalking is a popular recreational pursuit in the area, and horse riding is popular in the southern sections of the parks.

See also: Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area Strategic Plan (2009).

Photo: Mount Yengo, Yengo National Park / Ian Brown/OEH