BioNet Systematic Flora Survey

The BioNet Systematic Flora Survey data collection is the authoritive data holding for systematic vegetation survey data in NSW. The data can be accessed and submitted through the BioNet Atlas application.

This data collection accommodates:

  • full floristic survey sites - used to build and maintain vegetation classification, maps and condition benchmarks
  • rapid survey sites - used in field checking vegetation type maps
  • land-use - associated with the vegetation condition site assessment.

Where appropriate it is recommended that vegetation survey follow the methodology (including field survey data sheets) outlined in the NSW Native Vegetation Interim Type Standards (1.6MB).

Basic read-only access to the BioNet Systematic Flora Survey data collection is available through the BioNet Atlas web appplication. However to contribute, analyse or export BioNet Systematic Flora Survey data you need login access. New users can apply for a login here.

For OEH staff, licensed users and registered users, please login here;

For assistance in using the database, please consult the BioNet Systematic Flora Survey User Manual (2.9MB).

More information

For further advice please contact the BioNet team.

Page last updated: 08 April 2019