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Lachlan region

The 2010 State of the catchments (SOC) reports for the Lachlan region have been compiled from work done under the NSW Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting program.

The reports assess the state of natural resources in the region, the pressures impacting on them and the management actions being undertaken to address the pressures.

The SOC 2010 reports provide, for the first time, a comprehensive assessment which allows natural resource managers to make more informed decisions about prioritising investment in their regions.

Download the SOC 2010 reports for Lachlan region

Catchment overview (PDF, 945KB)


Technical report series

Download the reports and indicator protocols in the technical report series that provide the scientific support for the State of the catchments 2010 reports for each of the 11 natural resource assets and the two community targets.

Page last updated: 05 October 2011