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Monitoring, evaluation and reporting program technical reports

The Monitoring, evaluation and reporting (MER) program technical reports and associated indicator protocols provide the scientific basis for the analyses and reporting products contained in the State of the catchments (SOC) reports published in December 2010. In each case, the technical reports detail the methodologies used in data collection, analysis and evaluation of the data as contained in those SOC 2010 reports. The methodologies, together with other relevant information, are generally contained in a single main report. In some instances, sampling and/or analytical procedures are described in separate reports, protocols or standards as listed under ‘Further information’ below.

Technical report series

Main report
Further infomation

Native vegetation 
(PDF 3.05MB)

Native vegetation type protocols

Native vegetation type standard

Native fauna
(PDF 3.1MB)


Threatened species
(20110715ThreatenedSpeciesTRS.pdf, 1.31MB)


Invasive species


Riverine ecosystems



Risk assessment guidelines for groundwater dependent ecosystems

Marine waters


(PDF 2.2MB)

Supporting report A - Conceptual framework 
(PDF 9.35MB)

Supporting report B - Development of a condition assessment index 

Supporting report C - Assessment results for all regions 

Estuaries and coastal lakes
(PDF 7.03MB)

Assessing estuary ecosystem health: Sampling, data analysis and reporting protocols

Soil condition 

Soil condition protocols

Land managed within capability 
(PDF 1.5MB)

Land capability protocols

Economic sustainability and social well-being


Capacity to manage natural resources 

NRM capacity protocols

Soil condition and land management in NSW: Final results from the 2008-09 monitoring, evaualtion and reporting program  
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