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State of the catchments reports

The 2010 State of the catchments (SOC) reports document the condition of, and pressures on, 11 natural resource assets and two community targets at the regional scale (see diagram).

This is the first time that comprehensive data and information is available for all natural resource assets in catchments across NSW. This data has been collected and analysed using a common analytical framework, and implements international best practice in regional natural resource condition reporting.

Data was collected and analysed up until early 2009 under the Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting program and compiled into 13 regional SOC reports contiguous with catchment management authority boundaries, as shown in the clickable map. Each region has one report which provides an overview of the condition of natural resources in the region and a number of reports which assess individual natural resource assets.

The data inventory lists datasets used in the State of the catchments reports, with links to metadata.

The 13 scientific reports and associated indicator protocols in the technical report series provide the scientific support for the State of the catchments 2010 reports for each of the 11 natural resource assets and the two community targets.


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Page last updated: 05 October 2011