The vegetation of the Western Blue Mountains

On behalf of the Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management Authority, the Department of Environment and Conservation NSW has mapped the vegetation of the western Blue Mountains. The mapping covers the western limits of the catchment in the Capertee, Coxs, Jenolan and Gurnang areas.

These areas have been mapped in detail to provide information on vegetation communities (including any Endangered Ecological Communities), conservation status, dominant canopy species, understorey, rock cover, disturbance and mapping reliability.

The following vegetation maps should be used in conjunction with the Technical report and the Vegetation community profile documents listed below:

Volume 1: Technical Report

This report describes the distribution and composition of the native vegetation communities for portions of the Capertee, Lithgow and Oberon areas within the Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment. The mapping provides an important information resource for a wide range of support planning, management and monitoring for biodiversity objectives within the catchment.


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Volume 2: Vegetation community profiles

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Section contents
Cover, Title page , Acknowledgments, Contents (PDF - 368KB)
Using vegetation community profiles (PDF - 319KB)
MU1 Sandstone warm temperate forest (PDF - 36KB)
MU2 Mountain gully grey myrtle dry (PDF - 175KB)
MU3 Hillslope talus mountain grey gum - brown stringybark - grey gum - broad-leaved hickory moist forest (PDF - 212KB)
MU4 Sheltered gully brown barrel ferny forest (PDF - 175KB)
MU5 Jenolan brown barrel - mountain gum - narrow-leaved peppermint - blackwood montane grassy forest (PDF - 183KB)
MU6 Montane sheltered narrow-leaved peppermint forest (PDF - 220KB)
MU7 Newnes Plateau narrow-leaved peppermint - mountain gum - brown stringybark layered forest (PDF - 185KB)
MU8 Newnes sheltered peppermint - brown barrel shrubby forest (PDF - 186KB)
MU9 Mount Vincent basalt ribbon gum grassy forest (PDF - 180KB)
MU10 Capertee residual basalt brittle gum - stringybark layered open forest (PDF - 203KB)
MU11 Tableland gully snow gum - ribbon gum grassy forest (PDF - 207KB)
MU12 Lithgow - Abercrombie grassy woodland (PDF - 174KB)
MU13 Tableland gully ribbon gum - blackwood - apple box forest (PDF - 164KB)
MU14 Tableland mountain gum - snow gum - Daviesia montane open forest (PDF - 174KB)
MU15 Tableland hollows black gum - black sally grassy open forest (PDF - 184KB)
MU16 Capertee limestone hills grey box - grass tree - spinifex grassy woodland (PDF - 174KB)
MU17 Capertee box - Kurrajong - grey gum grassy woodlands (PDF - 180KB)
MU18 Capertee marl box grassy woodlands (PDF - 196KB)
MU19 Capertee box - narrow-leaved ironbark - Callitris grassy woodland (PDF - 202KB)
MU20 Capertee rough-barked apple - redgum - yellow box grassy woodland (PDF - 191KB)
MU21 Capertee - Wolgan slopes red box - grey gum - stringybark grassy woodland (PDF - 182KB)
MU22 Kanangra Gorge sheltered grey gum forest (PDF - 184KB)
MU23 Jenolan limestone scrub woodland (PDF - 188KB)
MU24 Montane slopes stringybark forest (PDF - 197KB)
MU25 Montane exposed silvertop ash forest (PDF - 189KB)
MU26 Newnes Plateau narrow-leaved peppermint - silvertop ash layered open forest (PDF - 180KB)
MU27 Mount Airly Sydney peppermint - narrow-leaved stringybark - grey gum shrubby (PDF - 183KB)
MU28 Sandstone plateau and ridge scribbly gum - silvertop ash shrubby woodland (PDF - 188KB)
MU29 Sandstone slopes Sydney peppermint shrubby forest (PDF - 200KB)
MU30 Exposed Blue Mountains Sydney peppermint - silvertop ash shrubby woodland (PDF - 219KB)
MU31 Montane ridge broad-leaved peppermint - mountain gum grassy forest (PDF - 207KB)
MU32 Tableland scribbly gum - narrow-leaved stringybark shrubby open forest (PDF - 192KB)
MU33 Tableland broad-leaved peppermint - brittle gum - red stringybark grassy open forest (PDF - 176KB)
MU34 Tableland slopes brittle gum - broad-leaved peppermint grassy forest (PDF - 220KB)
MU35 Tableland gully mountain gum - broad-leaved peppermint grassy forest (PDF - 183KB)
MU36 Tableland apple box - Bursaria grassy open forest (PDF - 332KB)
MU37 Coxs Permian red stringybark - brittle gum woodland (PDF - 332KB)
MU38 Capertee grey gum - narrow-leaved stringybark - scribbly gum - Callitris - ironbark shrubby forest (PDF - 205KB)
MU39 Capertee Hills blue-leaved ironbark - Callitris shrubby forest (PDF - 169KB)
MU40 Capertee slopes red ironbark - red stringybark - narrow-leaved stringybark shrubby woodland (PDF - 187KB)
MU41 Capertee slopes slaty gum - grey gum - mugga - Callitris open forest (PDF - 180KB)
MU42 Capertee hills white box - tumbledown redgum - ironbark - Callitris shrubby woodland (PDF - 194KB)
MU43 Pagoda rock sparse shrubland (PDF - 176KB)
MU44 Sandstone plateaux tea tree - dwarf sheoak - Banksia rocky heath (PDF - 159KB)
MU45 Newnes Plateau tea tree - Banksia - mallee heath (PDF - 145KB)
MU46 Newnes Plateau dwarf sheoak - Banksia heath (PDF - 147KB)
MU47 Genowlan Point dwarf sheoak heathland (PDF - 123KB)
MU48 Limestone karst (PDF - 199KB)
MU50 Newnes Plateau shrub swamp (PDF - 189KB)
MU51 Newnes Plateau hanging swamp (PDF - 212KB)
MU52 Newnes Plateau rush - sedge snow gum hollow wooded heath (PDF - 149KB)
MU53 Mountain hollow grassy fen (PDF - 142KB)
MU54 Capertee - Wolgan riparian rough-barked apple - river oak open forest (PDF - 171KB)
MU55 Tableland riparian scrub complex (PDF - 172KB)
MU56 Wolgan riparian scrub complex (PDF - 189KB)
MU57 Capertee riparian Melaleuca thicket (PDF - 152KB)
MU58 Acacia thickets (PDF - 172KB)
Other map features; Species index (PDF - 75KB)
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