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Cumberland Plain Recovery Plan

Reference documents that accompany the recovery plan

Submissions report

The Submissions Report (PDF 247KB) is a summary of, and response to, the public submissions made on the Cumberland Plain Recovery Plan from 9 November to 18 of December 2009 in accordance with the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 and Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Methodology report

The Methodology report (PDF 1.0MB) was prepared to inform the preparation of the Cumberland Plain Recovery Plan. The report outlines the assessment undertaken to identify priority conservation lands on the Cumberland Plain that could most effectively be managed to secure long-term biodiversity benefits in the region at the lowest possible cost.

Cumberland subregion BIO Map

The Cumberland subregion Biodiversity Investment Opportunities Map (BIO Map) aims to achieve better biodiversity outcomes in western Sydney by directing biodiversity investment funding to the strategic locations of greatest benefit. The areas identified for investment, termed priority investment areas, include core areas and biodiversity corridors of state and regional significance.

The Cumberland BIO Map identifies a network of 87 core areas and 27 regional biodiversity corridors within the Cumberland subregion. The 87 core areas include all of the priority conservation lands identified by the Cumberland Plain Recovery Plan.

The BIO Map project is a key deliverable of the NSW Government's $40 million Green Corridors program, a Government priority action identified in NSW 2021: A plan to make NSW number one (PDF 843KB). The map was prepared with funding provided by the NSW Environmental Trust.

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