Generate credits with a biodiversity stewardship agreement

A Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement helps conserve habitat for native species and ecosystems and generates biodiversity credits that can be sold to fund management of weeds, pests, fire, and ecological restoration.

A Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement (BSA) is an agreement registered on title. The biodiversity credits generated through a BSA can be sold directly to developers that need to offset impacts, government or to other buyers wanting to secure conservation. 

Credits can also be sold to the Biodiversity Credits Supply Fund or the Biodiversity Conservation Trust. 

Use the links below for information about the stages of developing a BSA.

Stewardship Expression of Interest

Are you interested in managing your land in ways that benefit native plants and animals? Entering into a biodiversity stewardship agreement generates biodiversity credits you can sell through the NSW biodiversity market and fund the management of weeds, pests and fire and ecological restoration.

Do you have land that might be suitable? We are making it easier and faster for landowners to set up a biodiversity stewardship agreement. If you are interested in getting help to do this, please fill out the short Expression of Interest form.

Expression of Interest form

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