Land recently acquired for parks

Land must be assessed, approved and acquired before it can be officially reserved and declared as a new park or an addition to a park.

Land we acquire for the national parks system can take time to be formally reserved under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974This is because administrative processes need time to be completed.

You can contact our Reserve Establishment Unit to let us know of any matters about land acquired for the national parks system.

Acquisitions for parks made over the last year but not yet reserved

Local government area Proposed new park or addition to existing park Size (hectares) Date acquired
Nambucca Addition to Gaagal Wanggaan (South Beach) National Park 212.75 16/12/2022
Clarence Valley Addition to Mount Hyland Nature Reserve 388.28 14/11/2022
Lithgow Addition to Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area 64.52 8/11/2022
The Hills Addition to Maroota Ridge State Conservation Area  11.93 19/08/2022
Shoalhaven Addition to Morton National Park 380.41 12/09/2022
Snowy Monaro Regional New reserve – Numeralla 983.6  9/08/2022
Tenterfield Addition to Captains Creek Nature Reserve 280.08  9/08/2022
Port Macquarie-Hastings Adjacent to Lake Innes Nature reserve 193.94 26/07/2022
Wollongong Addition to Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area 1.97  25/07/2022
Snowy Monaro Regional Addition to Macanally State Conservation Area 1052.18  6/04/2022
Clarence Valley Addition to Bundjalung National Park 751.9  5/04/2022
Mid-Coast Addition to Killabakh Nature Reserve 201.65  7/03/2022
Campbelltown & Wollondilly New reserve – Georges River 54.31  2/03/2022
Upper Lachlan Shire Addition to Tarlo River National Park 64.75  27/01/2022