New parks and additions to parks

We acquire land to establish new parks and add land to already established reserves.

Mares Forest wilderness, Wombeyan Karst Conservation ReserveThere are more than 880 parks, reserves, conservation areas and Aboriginal areas in the New South Wales national parks system.

Each year we acquire land to expand and enhance our national parks system so that we can best protect our natural and cultural heritage.

This land may be acquired to add to an existing reserve or it may be acquired to establish a new national park or another type of protected area. All parks, reserves and protected areas are referred to as parks.


New parks and additions over the last year

Park name Type Area (hectares) Date of gazettal Type
Cataract National Park 911.93 18/12/2020 addition
Kosciuszko National Park 275.19 18/12/2020 addition
Bongil Bongil National Park 31.05 18/12/2020 addition
Goulburn River National Park 60.47 18/12/2020 addition
Yuraygir National Park 1366.13 11/12/2020 addition
Wollemi National Park 2.68 11/12/2020 addition
Tyagarah Nature Reserve 1.84 11/12/2020 addition
Mount Grenfell National Park 9189.00 1/12/2020 new
Mount Grenfell State Conservation Area 6096.00 1/12/2020 new
Cudgen Nature Reserve 88.91 20/11/2020 addition
Verges Creek Nature Reserve 74.45 13/11/2020 new
Eusdale Nature Reserve 657.93 13/11/2020 addition
Sturt National Park   17479 30/10/2020 addition
Toorale State Conservation Area 1293
30/10/2020 addition
Toorale   National Park 4725 30/10/2020 addition
Paroo-Darling State Conservation Area 3435 30/10/2020 addition
Paroo-Darling National Park 4430 30/10/2020 addition
Lachlan Valley National Park 1681 30/10/2020 addition
Culgoa National Park 1196 30/10/2020 addition
Yathong Nature Reserve 3201 30/10/2020 addition
Mungo Nature Reserve 7074 30/10/2020 addition 
Nocoleche Nature Reserve 3349 30/10/2020 addition 
Maria National Park  66.27 30/10/2020 addition
Capertee National Park  1057.71 30/10/2020 addition
Narriearra Caryapundy Swamp National Park  153682 30/10/2020 new
Guula Ngurra National Park 3357.60 23/08/2020 new
Warra National Park 1864.59 14/08/2020 addition
 Ngula Bulgarabang Regional Park 306.14 26/06/2020 new