Native vegetation rehabilitation in NSW alpine resorts

If you manage or develop land in the alpine resort areas of Kosciuszko National Park, you may be required to undertake the rehabilitation of native vegetation as a condition of consent to development.

Vegetation rehabilitation Perisher March 2015The Kosciuszko alpine resorts contain some of Australia's rarest plant and animal species.

Rehabilitation programs introduce native plants to a disturbed site with the aim of kick-starting natural processes, so that the site eventually begins to function again like a natural ecosystem.

As a key part of managing the alpine resorts, the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) carries out rehabilitation of land disturbed by construction, and guides land managers and ski resort operators in restoring native vegetation.

Rehabilitation programs focus on improving habitat connectivity for threatened species and in riverine areas to protect catchment values.

Rehabilitation plans have been prepared for the Perisher Ranges and Charlotte Pass resorts.