Environmental management in NSW alpine resorts

Information on environmental management systems and resort awareness programs that help prevent pollution and minimise harm to the environment.

Koscuiszko National Park Winter 2013The Kosciuszko National Park Plan of Management (2006) requires all lessees, licensees and other authorities operating in the park to have or be part of an environmental management system (EMS).

An EMS is a tool to help manage an organisation's activities to prevent pollution, protect the environment from the unintended effects of infrastructure and minimise any impacts from operations.

The Environmental Management System (EMS) was jointly developed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and businesses, organisations, club lodges and conservation groups involved in the Perisher Range Resorts. In 2019 the EMS reporting was extended to include Charlotte Pass Snow Resort Lodges. In 2021 three additional accommodation providers, Sponars Chalet, Ski Rider Hotel and Kosciuszko Tourist Park, were included in EMS reporting. 

Alpine Resort EMS

Charlotte Pass Snow Resort, Kosciuszko Thredbo, Perisher Blue and Selwyn Snow Resort operate their own EMS which include targets to reduce their environmental impacts, and strategies to achieve these targets.

Initiatives by resorts to maximise their environmental performance include:

  • divert waste from landfill
  • the purchase of 'green energy'
  • reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions 
  • more efficient water use
  • weed control
  • rehabilitation projects
  • timely response to pollution incidents
  • environmental awareness training for staff.

Effective environmental management systems will help ensure the ski resort areas of Kosciuszko National Park are managed sustainably.

Campaigns and awareness programs

To assist resort stakeholders, NPWS has developed environmental campaigns and awareness programs covering particular environmental issues.

To access supporting resources and graphic material please contact our environmental liaison officer on 02 6450 5616.

Litter reduction

Litter is a major environmental issue in the alpine resorts.

NPWS continues to work with the resort operators to target problem areas, particularly during the snow season.

National Parks and Wildlife Service promote the EPA’s ‘Hey Tosser’ campaign

The alpine resorts have their own litter reduction campaigns, as well as working together through the Sustainable Snowies group to help introduce litter reduction strategies such as Green Caffeen. 


SnowSafe is an awareness program that provides essential information on how to enjoy the alpine environment in safety and comfort.

Information includes details about the Alpine Responsibility Code, driving in the snow, backcountry safety and how to make a child’s experience in the snow more enjoyable.

For more information visit SnowSafe.

Waterwise resorts

The Waterwise awareness campaign aims to improve water management, particularly water consumption, of Kosciuszko National Park ski resorts.

The campaign promotes the use of low phosphorus- and nitrogen-based detergents, and aims to help prevent foreign and other non-wastewater materials entering the sewage treatment plants.