Winter access to NSW alpine resorts

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is responsible for the care, control and management of access, parking and oversnow vehicle use within Kosciuszko National Park.

Vehicle access to Kosciuszko National Park ski resorts

All vehicles entering the resort areas within Kosciuszko National Park must display a valid day or multi-day pass or an annual parks pass.

In-resort roads

Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes (except Plum Pine Road which will be open to authorised vehicles only) and Guthega in-resort roads will be regarded as closed to all traffic other than oversnow vehicles from the start of the June long weekend to the close of the October long weekend.

Download the Perisher Range resorts road status and signage (PDF 1.2MB)

During marginal snow conditions, access will be restricted to authorised vehicles only.


Resort Management Vehicles and Lodge Parking Permits

During marginal snow conditions, when there is insufficient snow to operate an oversnow vehicle, seasonal authority may be given to lodge management who providing guest services, for conventional vehicles to be used to access lodges for business management purposes.

The issuing of Resort Management Vehicle permits recognises the needs of some lessees who do not have an authorised overnight parking space.

However, the issuing of resort management vehicle permits does not automatically allow for an overnight parking space. National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) will issue an authorised Resort Management Vehicles through the issue of a permit following approval of an application and payment of a fee. Allocation will be according to the criteria for long-term overnight parking. Permits must be prominently displayed inside the vehicle.

Application forms

Temporary vehicle parking

Authorised vehicle parking for temporary periods, including overnight, may be made available on an extremely limited basis. Applications will be assessed on merit and are subject to availability of space. These may include disabled vehicle parking, tradespersons undertaking emergency repairs and visiting performers. If an application is approved, a temporary vehicle parking permit will be issued and must be clearly displayed inside the nominated vehicle.

Resort contacts

Acceptable routes

Oversnow vehicles must travel only on designated oversnow routes.

Further information


Oversnow vehicle registrations:
Service NSW
125 Sharp Street
Cooma NSW
Phone: 13 77 88
Web: Apply for an oversnow vehicle registration


Perisher Team, NPWS Office, Kosciuszko Road, Perisher Valley.

Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes and Guthega contact

NPWS Perisher Valley Office
NPWS Building
9914 Kosciuszko Road
Perisher Valley NSW 2624