Assets of Intergenerational Significance conservation action plans consultation

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service will seek and consider your feedback on draft conservation action plans for Assets of Intergenerational Significance before adopting the plans.

To date, 279 sites have been declared as Assets of Intergenerational Significance (AIS) across 127 national parks, protecting the key habitat for:

  • 77 threatened plant species, including the previously declared Wollemi pine
  • 30 threatened animal species
  • 6 locally extinct mammals which have been reintroduced to 3 of the feral predator-free fenced areas
  • 1 newly described species, the Wollumbin pouched frog recently discovered in Wollumbin National Park.

An AIS can be any area of exceptional value – environmental or cultural – that warrants special protection including dedicated management measures.

For each AIS, NPWS has a statutory obligation to prepare and implement a concise conservation action plan (CAP) which sets out:

  • the environmental and cultural values of the land
  • key risks to those values
  • management activities to address and mitigate the risks – such as dedicated feral animal control or fire management
  • actions to measure and report on the health and condition of the declared value.

Consultation on draft plans

Currently, there are no conservation action plans available for public comment.

After consultation, we consider all public feedback and make any required amendments before the conservation action plans are approved and adopted.

Once the conservation action plans are adopted, they are published on the Assets of Intergenerational Significance web page.