Community update

November 2022

The Farm, Killalea BeachKillalea Regional Park was transferred to the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) in July 2022. Here's a quick snapshot of what's been happening since then.

Progress so far

The Farm toilet

As part of an infrastructure and asset audit, the toilet next to The Farm (beach) car park was found to be structurally unsafe and at risk of impacting the surrounding environment. The toilet has now been removed, and planning is underway to replace it with an accessible toilet that will be safer for the environment.

Vegetation management

Weeding and pruning vegetation along road verges and walking tracks is underway. Bush regeneration has also been occurring and will be a major part of future work programs.

Café and campground sewerage systems

Asset assessments have identified issues with the campground and café sewage (septic) systems. National Parks and Wildlife Services staff have been able to rectify the issues at the campground. However, it has required a reduction in the campground capacity (now a maximum of 200 campers) to ensure the system is not overloaded. Unfortunately, the café system requires much more work, and we have had to close these toilets until repair work can be done. Portable toilets have been provided until the work can be completed.

As a long-term sustainable solution to these issues, we are investigating options for connecting to the sewer mains. This is costly but will reduce the potential for problems in the future and provide an improved level of service to visitors.

Information, bookings, events and activities

Killalea Regional Park is now fully integrated into National Parks and Wildlife Service systems, including new webpages, alerts and booking systems for the campground and events like wedding ceremonies. Yoga and meditation have made a welcome return to the park, in addition to the weekly Shellharbour park run. If you want to book an event at Killalea, contact our staff at the Minnamurra Rainforest Centre on 02 4236 0469 for more details.

Sign replacement

A program to replace signs throughout the park started with the installation of major park identification signs in July. This is an ongoing process, and over the coming year, we will be working throughout the park, replacing or removing signs as required.

Removal of old infrastructure

Over the next 12 months, visitors will see the removal of a number of buildings and structures in the park. This work has started in and around the workshop but will extend to include the old manager's residence and the entrance station. Unfortunately, asset assessments have identified a number of structures as unsafe or in such poor condition that repair is not feasible.

Contracts for cleaning, mowing and security

We have engaged several contractors for the park's cleaning facilities, lawn mowing and after-hours security. This is to ensure there is a high level of service when it comes to maintenance and management presence.

Planning for the future

Long-term planning for the future of the park is now underway, with a draft plan of management in development. A Community Reference Group has been established to help develop the draft plan. This has a wide representation of interests, including Aboriginal culture and community, conservation, surfing, bushwalking, tourism and education.

The park has significant cultural connection for local Aboriginal people, so a key focus for future planning is maintaining and continuing Aboriginal community presence on-park and providing opportunities for cultural activities and businesses.

The draft plan will be available for everyone to have their say when it goes on public exhibition, hopefully in mid-2023. We will let you know when this happens and how to provide your comments.

NPWS staff based in Killalea Regional Park