Applying for connection

Connections to the water and sewerage systems are regulated by National Parks and Wildlife Service to ensure compliance with NSW Health and Environmental Protection Authority licence requirements.

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) manages, operates, and supplies potable drinking water supply to paying connections to businesses/residences and non-paying connections to NPWS buildings or NPWS visitor infrastructure. All connections have water meters which are read and recorded quarterly for invoicing. Potable water is supplied under a Drinking Water Quality Assurance Program and regulated by NSW Health. We manage and maintain all water supply infrastructure: bores, pumps, tanks, telemetry and pipework.

We manage Kittys Flat Sewer Treatment System which is regulated by an Environmental Protection Authority licence. We manage and maintains all sewer infrastructure: grinder pumps, septic tanks, sewer lines and treatment facilities.

National Parks and Wildlife Service and Bathurst Regional Council collaborate on a shared step by step procedure to ensure the integrity of Hill End utilities and to assist Bathurst Regional Council with certification.


Prior to lodging your request for a Development Application (DA) with Bathurst Regional Council you will need to obtain written confirmation from us that approval has been given to you by National Parks and Wildlife Service to connect to the Hill End water and sewerage service. The DA should state that you propose to connect to the NPWS system.

Requests to connect to the Hill End water and sewerage service must be made to us in writing stating all relevant details, including the connection address, Lot and DP and your contact details.

Submit your request to or by mail to NPWS Hill End Historic Site 5 Beyers Avenue Hill End NSW 2850.

Allow 2 weeks for your approval to be actioned. Prior to connection, you will be required to accept, sign and return a Hill End Water and Sewerage Service Agreement.

An invoice for the connection amount will be forwarded to you for payment prior to connection. The connection will be made after both payment and the signed customer service agreement is received by us.

Costs to connect to the Hill End water and sewerage service.

Water connection Sewer conection
$2500 $2500

Once Bathurst Regional Council have determined the DA you will be required to apply to Bathurst Regional Council for approval under Section 68 of the Local Government Act. The application details should be consistent with the NPWS requirements and specifications set out below:

National Parks and Wildlife Service water and sewer connection specifications:

  • Minimum 3000L septic tank/holding tank
  • 250L pump out well installed on the outlet of the septic
  • 750kw grinder pump with a PVC nonreturn valve
  • A 50mm poly line to the boundary installed by a licensed plumber.

We will inspect the completed plumbing work prior to you backfilling the tank and trench to ensure installation meets NPWS requirement for connection to the NPWS water and sewerage service.

Connection to the NPWS water and sewerage services will occur at the property boundary by NPWS staff or contractors

Once the works are completed you can then apply to Bathurst Regional Council for an Occupation Certificate. We will provide you a written letter to submit to Bathurst Regional Council confirming that the installation of water and sewerage services at the property complies with NPWS specifications.

Council will finalise the application and issue you the approval to operate.