Historic Heritage Information Management System

The Historic Heritage Information Management System helps us manage information on over 10,000 heritage sites and items in our national parks system.

The Historic Heritage Information Management System (HHIMS) is a database that contains records for particular heritage sites and items that exist on the NSW national parks system. These records help us maintain and provide information about the nature, current status, and location of sites and items. Information from heritage studies and related documents are also included in HHIMS records.

Information in HHIMS:

  • facilitates inquiries
  • supports site/item protection
  • enables better management and research
  • provides secure protection of sensitive cultural and historical information.

HHIMS replaced the previous NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Historic Places Register in August 2002.

Access to data

Information regarding historic heritage sites on the NSW NPWS Estate is available to the public through the following processes: