Yathong Nature Reserve feral predator–free area

A network of 7 feral predator-free areas is being established on NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service estate.

Yathong Nature Reserve sign in the foreground with grasses and shrubs behind and mountains in the distance.Of the 7 feral predator-free areas, 4 are being developed by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), while the other 3 areas are already operational and managed through partnerships with NPWS.

Yathong Nature Reserve is the largest of the 7 sites comprising the feral predator-free network, one of the most significant threatened-fauna and ecological restoration projects in NSW’s history.

This feral predator-free area will involve a fenced area, or conservation fencing of 40,000 hectares and will have a measurable benefit for at least 28 threatened animal species and the re-establishment of up to 9 native mammal species currently listed as extinct in New South Wales.

Map shows the 7 feral predator-free rewilding sites across NSW national parks estate