Yathong Nature Reserve feral predator–free area

This reserve is the largest of the 7 sites comprising the feral predator-free network, one of the most significant threatened fauna and ecological restoration projects in NSW history.

The conservation fencing within Yathong Nature Reserve will be up to 40,000 hectares, one-third of the total size of the reserve (118,805 hectares), making it the largest feral predator-free area established in New South Wales. 

Acknowledgement of Country

We would like to acknowledge Ngemba, Ngiyampaa, Wangaaypuwan and Wayilwan native title claimants. We acknowledge the ongoing connection that Aboriginal people have to this land and recognise Aboriginal people as the original custodians.

How many animal species will be reintroduced?

Yathong Nature Reserve vegetation

We will reintroduce the following locally extinct mammals after the right planning and approvals are in place:

  • burrowing bettong
  • brush-tailed bettong
  • western quoll
  • greater stick-nest rat
  • greater bilby
  • Mitchell's hopping mouse
  • desert mouse.

The project will provide a conservation benefit for at least 18 threatened animals species, including:

  • kultarr
  • southern ningaui
  • Australian bustard
  • bush stone-curlew
  • speckled warbler
  • chestnut quail-thrush
  • southern scrub-robin
  • malleefowl
  • Mukarrthippi grasswren
  • red-lored whistler
  • mallee bird endangered ecological community.

How did we select the species for reintroduction?

All species to be reintroduced are species that once lived in New South Wales, in this type of ecosystem and climate.

The species list is based on specimen records, sightings, distribution modelling, reports or other accounts, and knowledge of their habitat requirements and historic ranges.

Map shows the 7 feral predator-free rewilding sites across NSW national parks estate

Update June 2023

Construction of the Yathong Nature Reserve feral predator-free area has started.

  • 30 Jun 2023

Update March 2023

Yathong Nature Reserve feral predator-free area is preparing for construction.

  • 17 Mar 2023