Environmental issues

Water quality

Identifying diffuse source water pollution hotspots

Direct stock access to streams can degrade river banks

Identifying diffuse sediment, nutrient and pathogen hotspots can help to target investment and focus compliance efforts. The following information can assist land managers to identify and address diffuse source water pollution hotspots.

Available resources

Decision support tools

There are a range of models and applications that can support decision makers, including:

  • local, sub-catchment and catchment predictions of water quality impacts in response to land use change and management strategies
  • simulation of urban stormwater systems at a range of temporal and spatial scales to generate and assess various management scenarios
  • predictions of sediment and nutrient budgets for river networks to assist in targeting of catchment and river management actions.

In all cases, catchment managers should be familiar with the purpose, data requirements and limitations of any decision support tool before using them to inform management decisions.

Page last updated: 26 February 2011