Environmental issues

Water quality

8. Overlap/duplication coverage of current programs

The current monitoring effort shows no overlap or duplication between major State government programs. This comparison does not take into account local government programs and this comparison would be the next logical step.

Across the State, the spatial coverage of the long-term monitoring data sets was relatively sparse. The agreement among programs in the suite of variables that have been measured also varied. Many of the programs are themed and those with similar themes (e.g. geomorphology, hydrology, and water quality) generally measure similar variables.

The greatest difference among similarly themed programs was the number of indicators and the frequency at which they were measured.  This is not unexpected given the programs were set up to meet individual agency objectives or requirements. For example the Sydney Catchment Authority programs measure 31 variables every 1-4 weeks in their 'Monitoring of Catchment Streams' whereas the State Forests Water Quality Monitoring programs measure three variables, two of which are measured every six minutes (Table 3).

Page last updated: 26 February 2011