Compressed air

An efficient compressed air system is vital for businesses to keep energy costs down.

By adopting low capital cost measures, businesses can save up to 50% of their compressed air energy and avoid expensive and often unnecessary capital expenditure projects. This is significant because, over the life of an average compressor system, energy is the largest cost component, making up to 77% and easily surpassing purchase, installation and maintenance costs.

Compressed air: a guide  
Compressed air equipment

Learn how to implement low-cost, simple actions that improve the efficiency of your compressed air system.

This guide is for operators of compressed air systems, maintenance engineers, production managers and other technical staff who wish to optimise the efficiency of their compressed air systems without spending significant capital.

It sets out actions that can help you to:

  • free up system capacity to better meet your air demands
  • save money by avoiding or delaying buying a new compressor
  • better ensure system reliability
  • reduce your electricity bills.

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Page last updated: 16 August 2017