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Aboriginal cultural heritage

Repatriation of remains to the La Perouse Aboriginal community

In May 2002, a ceremony was held to coincide with the reburial of the remains of 21 individuals repatriated to the La Perouse Community. The remains were reburied in a specially designated keeping place on the Kurnell peninsula. The event marked the first step in a three-stage process which will involve the repatriation of a further 12 individuals and their reburial by the La Perouse community. The majority of these remains will be reburied in a keeping place on the northern side of Botany Bay.

With the establishment of the Repatriation Program, the NPWS's goal is to work in collaboration with other Australian museums and organisations. This new strategic approach works to return ancestral remains and cultural material to Aboriginal communities in NSW, as demonstrated by the La Perouse experience.

What people have said

It's good to have our people back home where they belong … it was very emotional to have our people returned to their tribal grounds. The handover of our people was extremely important and I believe it will help strengthen our community.

… Beryl Timberry-Beller, a Dharawal Elder from the La Perouse Aboriginal Community, on what the ceremony meant to her

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